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A Bomber’s Jeremiad

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Konu: A Bomber’s Jeremiad
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Konu: A Bomber’s Jeremiad
Mesaj Tarihi: 03Şubat2010 Saat 21:01

A Bomber’s Jeremiad*

I haven’t changed my way of life; I continue to love myself
and make use of others. Only, the confession of my crimes
allows me to begin again lighter in heart and to taste a
double enjoyment, first of my nature and secondly of
a charming repentance – The Fall, Albert Camus
When we bomb we do so with regret.
Not for us the intent to maim;
it is with pure heart we send our wrath.
When we speak and aim
we do so with precision, concision.
We have surveyed the battlefield:
the houses, mosques and universities,
along with barracks and infirmaries.
We know all the trajectories
of rhetoric and falling bricks,
of cleansing words and shredding steel.
We feel, for those peripherals;
those to the side, so to speak
when we wreak our replies
into an infinity of eyes for eyes.
We wish, no, we lament
that our enemies found themselves
in the wrong place: a schoolyard,
a hospital, a friend’s basement.
They put themselves in the midst
of all our accidental excesses.
Though, we planned very well;
hell, we know Picasso’s knell.
We know Ruben’s too;
and now, how to keep babies out of view.
We are, after all, and after The Fall,
well educated.
You must understand our dilemma:
we wish no harm to innocents.
We care for the children,
the mothers, sisters, yeah,
even brothers and their lovers.
We also care for those without clothes,
and walkers, talkers, pranksters, petty thieves;
even these and even those
who sit on couches: heaven knows.
But all this is out of our hands.
I’m afraid our ordinances
are preordained.
You see, our apologies
and staged, pro forma colloquies
are prepared in advance.
For, we know the limbless,
those with and without faces;
we know the charred remains.
We know all those children and their games
torn asunder for eternity;
just not the names, not the names.
Surely, you understand the precedent?
We are all vile and innocent it seems,
by necessity and accident,
we can no longer tell
the dreamer from the dreams..

Simon Carroll, PhD
University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

* Jeremiad - a long, mournful lament

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