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Yardım Lutfen

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Konu: Yardım Lutfen
Mesajı Yazan: nurcan420
Konu: Yardım Lutfen
Mesaj Tarihi: 25Ocak2009 Saat 19:23

Bneim sorunum bu lutfen aynı sorunla karşılaşan arkadaşlarımız yardımcı olsunlar.

Mesajı Yazan: saniye
Mesaj Tarihi: 25Ocak2009 Saat 19:57

mrb canım

hiç uğraşam bilgisayarını yeniden yükle, yani işletim sistemi yeniden kur. Bende bu sorunla karşılaşmıştım. ne yaptıysam bir türlü videoizleme de sorun yaşıyordum. windows media yazıyor ve bekliyordu. ama işeletim sistemi yeniden yükleyince halloldu. bence boşuna farklı uygulamalar yapma çok uğraşırsın, biliyorsun windows bir derya gibi, sorunları bitmez!
الله يسر اعمالك Allah işlerinde kolaylık versin.

Mesajı Yazan: nurcan420
Mesaj Tarihi: 25Ocak2009 Saat 20:02
Hmm teşekkur ederim degerli yardımlarınız icin.

Mesajı Yazan: idinc
Mesaj Tarihi: 07Temmuz2009 Saat 11:29

“To be or not to be”. Outside the Bible, there six words are the most famous in all the literature of the world. They were spoken by Hamlet when he was thinking aloud, and they are the most famous words in Shakespeare because Hamlet was speaking not only foe himself but for every thinking man and woman. To be or not to be-to live or not to live, to live richly and abundantly and eagerly, or to live dully and meanly and scarcely. A philosopher once wanted to know whether he was alive or not, which is a good question for everyone to put to himself occasionally. He answered it by saying:“I think, therefore I am.”( - world of warcraft gold )

But the best definition of existence I ever saw was one written by another philosopher who said:“To be is to be in relations.”If this is true, then the more relations a living thing has, the more relations a living thing has, the more it is alive. To live abundantly means simply to increase the range and intensity of our relations. Unfortunately we are so constituted that we get to love our routine. But apart from our regular occupation how much are we alive? If you are interested only in your regular occupation, you are alive only to that extent. So far as other things are concerned-poetry and prose, music, pictures, sports, unselfish friendships, politics, international affairs-you are dead. - buy wow gold

Contrariwise, it is true that every time you acquire a new interest-even more, a new accomplishment-you increase your power of life. No one who is deeply interested in a large variety of subjects can remain unhappy, the real pessimist is the person who has lost interest.

Bacon said that a man dies as often as he loss a friend. But we gain new life by contacts, new friends. What is supremely true of living objects is only less true of ideas, which are also alive. Where your thoughts are, there will your life be also. If your thoughts are confined only to your business, only to your physical welfare, only to the narrow circle of the town in which you live, - cheap wow gold , then you live in a narrow circle of the town in which you live, then you live in a narrow circumscribed life. But if you are interested in what is going on in China, then you are living in China; if you are interested in the characters of a good novel, then you are living with those highly interesting people; if you listen intently to fine music, you are away from your immediate surroundings and living in a world of passion and imagination.

To be or not to be-to live intensely and richly, or merely to exist, that depends on ourselves. Let us widen and intensify our relations. While we live, let us live! - world of warcraft gold


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